Mixtura Latina Co.

Latin Products
Mississauga , ON

Mixtura Latina Co. is a Canadian company located in Toronto, that import and distribute quality Peruvian products into the Canadian market.

Our products include the most popular Latin American and Peruvians ingredients: like Aji Amarillo, Aji panca, Huacatay, Albahaca, Peruvian garlic, Botija Olives and the famous and popular Peruvian sauces like Huancaina sauce and the traditional Rocoto sauce, Aji Amarillo sauce and Huacatay sauce, that always goes well with meats and chicken.

With all this original ingredients you can finally add that special and genuine Peruvian flavour to your meals, following a specific recipe or to create your own.

6355 Kennedy Rd Unit 7
Mississauga , ON
L5T 2L5

Phone : (416) 633 2851

Email : mixturacanada@gmail.com

Web : http://www.mixturalatina.com


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