Mercado Latino

Latin Products
Ottawa, ON

Located in one of the busiest streets in Ottawa (Montreal Road) this Latin store is a true treasure. A wide variety of sauces, spices and sweets are part of the offering: cooking wines, sodas, malts, guava jelly, caramel, corn of various types, panelas, tamarind pulp, etc. Its owner, an authentic latina, will assist you with great pleasure and will be very pleased to have you there as a client.

Upon entering the store you will find a great arrangement of shelves making really easy the job of locating what you are looking for. Something magnificent in this Latin business is the Western Union money transfer service. Some products outside the food area, enrich the spectrum like: ornamental plants, Birthday’s piñatas and kitchen utensils. If you are looking for dried or canned peppers in this store you will find Chipotles, jalapenos and Serranos among others. Some of the representative brands sold on this fine establishment are: Goya, La Costeña, San Marcos, La Sierra, Dona Maria, El Mexicano, La Victoria, Jarritos, Maggi, Alpina among others.

67 Montreal Rd
Ottawa, ON
K1L 6E8

Phone : (613) 747 3795

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