Concerned about your privacy in Internet? Got good news: we use encryption

FEB 1 2016

From your device to our servers information travels encrypted. Each packet is encrypted to minimize theft of information by intruders.

MapleHispano uses SSL certificates to keep your information secure while it travels over the Internet. The use of certificates largely prevents criminals from intercepting the information shared with our users. Security certificates encrypt all data before it is transmitted.

Sites that do not use security certificates allow other computers on the Internet to be able to "hear" and understand the transmitted information. This information includes but is not limited to: usernames and passwords, bank account number, e-mails, etc. The probability of this happening while using our services is minimal as we are always protecting our customers privacy and we make of that our main goal follow by the desire to become the information and service portal of choice for all Latinos and Hispanics in Canada.

Communication between your devices and our servers is always encrypted thinking on your privacy

To find out if a website uses security certificates to encrypt the content transmitted over the internet look for a padlock icon to the right or left of the address bar (depending on the internet browser used). Clicking the padlock information about the security certificate will be shown, the site where it is installed and the global security company who issued it.

Usually the security certificates used in specific services where they are expected to share confidential information. In MapleHispano always we use certificates, that way you can be confident that during each interaction with our services exchanged information will always be protected.

The use of security certificates has the disadvantage of degrading the performance of our web services so big and powerful servers are required to host them. In MapleHispano believe our users deserve to enjoy this benefit full-time, not only in our Hispanic business directory or any other section of services for Latinos in Canada, without thinking about the extra burden we put on our servers.

We guarantee our services will be safe and in Spanish among other languages. We bring you reliable information on the services that matter most to you as: immigration, legal services and public notaries, car sales, yours and your pet’s health, classifieds, restaurants and Latino stores. All well organized and personalized, all beneficial for our Latino and Hispanic community across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, from the warmest Ontario regions to the ice of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut!