The importance of your website compatibility with PCs, tablets and mobiles

FEB 1 2016

Nowadays more and more Internet users own mobile devices. MapleHispano is designed to provide a great experience in computers, mobile phones and tablets. MapleHispano uses the adaptive web design method which allows your website pages to be correctly displayed on devices with different screen sizes.

MapleHispano’s business profiles adapt to every device screen size; the advantages of this feature are remarkable in a world where most people use cell phones and tablets

Adaptive design is considered a best practice in today’s web design standards and we are very pleased to implement it and provide a better online experience for our customers. We understand our users need to be able to access our services from anywhere and any device type so we work harder every day on our web applications so they adapt to the screen sizes of the different devices out there.

Our creative team understand and devotes a lot of time to ensure that our user online experience is the best not only in the Hispanic Business Directory or our classifieds section for the Latino and Hispanic community in Canada that actually demands it but in all other sections of our web applications.

We guarantee that our services will be implemented with your needs and recommendations in mind for your best online experience and in multiple languages including Spanish and English. All well thought out, organized and personalized for the benefit of our Latino and Hispanic community across Canada, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, from the warmest Ontario regions to the ice of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut!