Business Directory or advertising in social media.

MAR 4 2016

No one today doubts about the importance of having a web presence. Rather than having a web presence, better to say that it is necessary and almost essential that our products and services are somehow in the eyes of our current or potential customers.

I am not an absolutist myself nor I seek through menacing statements to inject in the readers the idea that if you do not have a website you are doomed to disappear as a business or to not grow in the future. Rather we are talking about how you manage advertising in digital media would open new avenues in your performance as a small, medium or large entrepreneur or business owner.

Before we get started on the perks of having your business already on the web we ask you to consider that if you are not already doing it you may be falling behind. Thousands of businesses today (even very small businesses) have recognized the advantage and are taking their first steps in this direction. The pie is very large: grab your piece, not because others are grabbing it but rather so that you are not just standing there and miss the opportunity.

Curious, prospects or customers: who you really want to draw in.

We have found that Latino-owned businesses in Canada have begun to invest time and effort to crystallize their influence on the web. Businesses have a growing interest to appear in alternative communication media and increase their presence on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are some of the most widely used for this purpose.

However there are others who have also chosen business directories as a way to introduce themselves. Not to downplay the importance of conventional media but enterprise directories are closer to more effective advertisement.

Social media is plagued with people whose intentions are far from buying or meeting a personal need such as visiting a restaurant in Montreal, finding an immigration lawyer in Calgary or buying a second-hand car in Toronto. Social media is basically flooded with prospects who rarely go on to become customers.

On the other hand, advertising in business directories is highly effective, especially if they are consciously engaged in enhancing the image that businesses want to project to their customers and connecting suppliers and consumers with a shared complemented purpose: buy and sell. Whoever comes to a business profile in a business directory will be looking whether for a real estate agent in Ottawa, a masseur in Vancouver or a travel agency in Quebec.

If you are truly interested in drawing potential customers into your business we recommend as one of the first steps in planning and implementation of your strategy, inserting your business in business directories. There are multiple Hispanic business directories in Canada nowadays so the odds are in your favor.