Need a cost effective website for my business

FEB 1 2016

A business website is not always required, nor it is always effective; sometimes you spend money, time and effort without much results.

Use a business directory with advanced profiles and will get higher benefits at a much lower cost.

One of the great myths that haunt the Internet is the need to have your own website. One can’t deny the power of your own website and it is incredible advantages, but it is not essential to have an exclusive website for a business to be successful (at least in many cases). The following facts will make us realize that immediately:

  • Thousands of successful businesses do not have a website.
  • Countless businesses have not realized any benefits after launching a website, even after months updating it which made them spend significant resources.
  • Al significant number of websites are like small islands in the ocean which no one visits in weeks or months so they do not attract to almost any customer.

For many businesses a better option is to launch its internet presence from small actions that leverage the advantages of specialized sites and business directories or yellow pages (much better if registration for such services is free). Another recommendation is to find specialized business directories at country level (Canada) and not cities; additionally something very important would be to list your business on directories that provide advanced and detailed profiles.

MapleHispano's directory profiles are eye caching, very informative and customizable to fit your business image

MapleHispano offers the possibility of having a company profile that can be used as your website and this because our profiles templates has sections that allow you to detail your business to a point where your prospects will have the information necessary to know and contact you. Our profiles design provide your business with a fresh and professional image. With the help of galleries you can impress your clients showing photographs or graphics as a very effective selling point, a picture is worth a thousand words (some studies show that good pictures increase sales process effectiveness up to 40%).

Although customization of each company profile makes it look unique, everyone has a similar navigation style which makes users already familiar with MapleHispano to easily find the information they want about you. It would be like driving several cars, they all look different but we know how to get around each of them without consulting the manual.

Users almost automatically reject pages they do not know or where in the first few seconds can’t locate the information they need. If you create your company profile on MapleHispano this risk is minimized.

And most importantly, business profiles on MapleHispano do not contain annoying ads from other companies. We respect your site because this way we give confidence and value to your business and your customers.

Do not wait any longer as this is an easy decision to make: Do you want an island in the middle of the ocean or a place on this great fair?