How to get more customers: Help interested people to easily find you

FEB 1 2016

Many of the Latino and Hispanic businesses in Canada underestimate their power to impact beyond their neighborhood or city. Even when clients from other cities and provinces reach their establishments each week, still many do not trust their success is in the hands of people who do not live on their vicinity.

List your business on a Canada-wide business directory and more prospects will visit and contact you. With simple steps convert your business’s vision from local and limited to broad and global. Contact MapleHispano and we will help you reach more customers and strengthen your relationship with those you already have.


The magic of global directories ... keep reading ...

Mapleispano's directory have profiles from businesses located all across Canada

Business directories are often classified by different aspects, some of the most important ones are determined by the form of registration, there are some where you pay to include a company profile and some where registration it is totally free. Another way to classify directories is its thematic scope: general or specific. And from a geographical point of view: global and local business directories.

The global and local terms have an obvious meaning. For example, at the country level a provincial business directory is classified as local, but at the level of municipalities it has a more globalized or said in a different way a more inclusive character.

Nowadays the scope of business directories with scopes at municipal and provincial levels are limiting small and medium size businesses reachability range. Factors such as:

  • Increasing number of Latino and Hispanic businesses in Canada that have expanded beyond their municipal and provincial boundaries.
  • The increased flow of people travelling between cities due to growing and improved transportation options.
  • The technological explosion in recent years in terms of digital communication and Internet access.

have enabled the flourishing of new online directories with broader geographical scope.

The number of Latinos and Hispanics today traveling between Calgary and Edmonton or between Toronto and Montreal is not something we can know exactly, but surely there are many; those businesses who have a prevalent internet presence are benefiting from this growing flow or costumers. Lawyers, designers, insurance agents and other Hispanic businesses are finding many customers through simple actions of advertising beyond its municipal borders.

Start looking at your business as a Canada-wide business and not as an Ottawa, Halifax or Toronto local business. That stopping you from thinking about having your restaurant full of people from other cities is, in principle, the idea that it is impossible, but it is not. As it was written by Alexandre Dumas in his marvelous book The Count of Monte Cristo:

"There are, indeed, some things which appear so impossible that the mind does not dwell on them for an instant"

Do not wait any longer and bring the image of your Latin business beyond where it has come to be known today and you will see the results.